GMG ProofControl 2.0 - Concurrent

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GMG ProofControl guarantees reliable and complete quality control of digital color proofs based on a defined standard. This is the only way to ensure that the proof simulates the printing process as accurately as possible. ProofControl allows you to read a control strip and see the Delta E values, along with a Pass/Fail status. A label can then be printed so that it can be affixed to the proof. The proof is verified on the basis of incorporated target values from international industry standards, such as ISO Offset, SWOP, and GRACoL. There is also the option of customizing quality criteria.

  • Easy interface

  • Displays Delta E values

  • Verify proofs with a pass/fail status

  • Print labels with the included label printer

***Please note that the Concurrent version runs on the same dongle as ColorProof.  This must run on the same computer as ColorProof.

    Proof Control Inline will only run on a x900 printer using a Spectroproofer. This software runs as part of ColorProof, and will print verifcation information on the print. This version does not work with a handheld Eye One.


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