GTI Desktop Viewing Box PDV-3e/D w/Lower Luminaire & Sidewalls

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The PDV-3E/DX Professional Desktop Viewer is ideal for today's digital world as well as for examining traditional images. When critical demands are required for print judging and evaluation, you can use GTI equipment with full confidence. The PDV-3E/DX uses the latest multi-voltage electronic ballasts with T8 Graphiclite lamps. The design has been enhanced to provide increased efficiency at a lower cost. Accessory side walls (included), are recommended for tighter compliance to the D50 industry viewing standard.

Features include:

  • Viewing Size: 16.5 x 25.3"

  • Standard D50 ISO compliance

  • Eye pleasing design that fits on any work surface

  • Reflector design provides improved light evenness

  • Significantly greater viewing areas compared with previous models

  • Integrated hinges for easy fold-up functionality

  • Built-in dimmer - Light intensity of the viewer can be adjusted to match the brightness of the monitor

  • Lower luminaire provides for quality transparency viewing

  • Side Walls provide for stricter control of ambient light; Side walls provide extra critical viewing conditions consistent with pressroom production needs

  • Horizontal and vertical viewing surface


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